ANGEL´S DRAGON Jodiscan was born on May 5, 2009 together with other 9 siblings in Ostrava in breeding station Jodiscan. His mother is Cairo Wizard Bull, czech breed from very successfull breeding station Wizard Bull, from which comes first of all Dorothea Wizard Bull, Welt-Champion 2008 and also her brother Diesel Wizard Bull Cruft´s Birmingham GB - 1. place, Class Yearling, RCC. His father is Denpower Romeo - a dog that was imported from England to Poland.

Angel has an excellent pedigree with succesfull ancestors. There are many champions among them also from England - country of origin. First of all the most successful dog in whole history of shows- three times Top Stafford Cruft´s 2003,2004 a 2005 Valglo Casanova at Crossguns. Our Angel has this excellent Staff in his pedigree even for three times - both in the bitch line as well as in the dog line.

Angel´s Dragon Jodiscan is thanks to his ancestors a dog of an english type, elegant, stocky, black with white breast. He is muscular with athletic ability. He has a broad head, a relatively short foreface, dark round eyes and a wide mouth with a clean scissor-like bite . He has prefect rose ears. His cheek muscles are very pronounced. The head tapers down to a strong well-muscled neck and shoulders placed on squarely spaced forelimbs. His tail resembles an old fashioned pump handle. His hind quarters are well-muscled and are what gave the Staffy drive when baiting (he managed as a puppy to chop down 2m high pine tree and cut it in small pieces). He has correct angulation of both pair of limb. His forepaws are slightly turned out and his movement is spacious.

Angel is a self-assured and vivid dog, he likes to run and play, first of all the warp game. He has strong affection to his friends (and children in particular). He has natural fondness for people. He was never aggressive against bitches.

The main precedence of our Staff is together with his perfect male dog head balance of his body. That is the reason why he has in spite of inexperience of his leaders (he is our first dog and this is our first show saison) succeded in 2009 for seven times in young dogs class. He has even won for two times.

Angel is L2 - HGA/ HC clear by birth